A Korean, an Indian and a Filipino Walk into a Diner

by ShityBoyz

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released November 1, 2011




ShityBoyz New York, New York

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Track Name: Crazy Eggs
ShityBoyz. Crazy Eggs. R.I.P.

Bento in the buildannn.


ShityBoyz. ShityBoyz. ShityBoyz.


ShityBoyz, ShityBoyz, ShityBoyz...

Verse 1: Bustin Fabulous
Nagasaki sake-bombing. Graffiti fun-feti.
Pie chart throw up. Say hi to hotties.
Final straw. Molotov the Comic-con.
I just wanna be the only one repping Spider-Man.
You in the honeymoon. (I) been had the game married.
Well-rounded. Wheel well Ferris'd,
day off, well wishing so wishing well.
Don't kiss and tell, but I do live to tell.
Live the tale. Storybook ending.
Bookend shelf, crack it like a shellfish.
Selfish like sell fish,
Something smelling fishy: the dish is so spliff-delicious.
Pass the spliff. Dish it.
So fresh so clean, dishes. Dig ditches to kill it.
Find out. Bones & SVU.
Vision few see. The seagull sea view: Birdseye.

Chorus x 2:
Feed us chicken fetus.
Feed us chicken fajitas.
Feed us chicken fetus fajitas.
Chicken fajitas.

Verse 2: Humberto Bento
I laugh hard because I have the last one.
I last long because I got my dick wet.
Rainforest pussy splashin' on my windshield.
Bitches blowin' on me. Know I got my windshield.
If it's on then it's on, say it twice.
If she's on then she's off, ain't it rice.
Stay flaunting. Stay coughing.
Heal yo life, Jesus ... Christ,
done did it, honey dipped ya dumb kid.
Honey dipped in my honey dip. What's this?
Brains in the AM smarted my day off.
Brains in the PM learnin' my day right.
Lightin' up the purp (purp).
Money in my shirt (shirt).
Feets in some kicks (kicks).
Dicks in yo bitch (bitch).
Life on the line. Life's on the line,
says that I'm wetty. Swimmin' like a LION.

Chorus x 2

Verse 3: Kavi
I rock it like we in Houston.
I got wit like Ney Houston.
Tell me stop it, but I keep shooting.
I'm like Kobe how I keep shooting.
I'm like dos how I keep two of 'em.
Got hot chicks blowing me like missed lay-ups.
Hey ma, whatcha say huh?
Wanna play with a player? I aint playin'.
I don’t fuck with fat chicks, but get your weight up.
Know what Im sayin? Vampire slayin'.
No Buffy, more like Puffy Combs,
and I'm stuffin' hoes like its nothin', Yo
I'm stuffing hoes like its stuffing.
Smoke another blunt like it's nothing.
It ain't nothing how we smoke another blunt.


Crazy Eggs...yeah...

Think it over. You're over thinking.
Track Name: Pancakes with Syrup on 'Em
ShityBoyz. ShityBoyz. ShityBoyz.

Pour the Syrup, baby.

ShityBoyz. ShityBoyz.

Verse 1: Kavi
I'm like Don the Magic Juan. I see your girl and I pimp her.
She starts licking her lips and then unzips my zipper.
I get her wet like Flipper...and then I flip her like a dolphin.
She cleans my balls like we golfin'.
But we ain't golfin'.
Gliding, I got my Clydes on. I ride the beat like a Clydesdale.
I ride ya bitch like a Clydesdale.
She pulls down my Jockeys and I ride her like jockey.
She pulls my tee off. I pull her tee off.
I pull my dick out and then I tee off...
But I ain't golfin'.
I'm going deep like I'm snorklin'.
Deep like Andre Johnson.
I said nothing in this verse so nothing's said.
I said nothing in this verse, but enough's been said.

Chorus x 2:
I flip one.
I flip two.
I flip three.
Pancakes with Syrup on 'Em.

Verse 2: Humberto Bento
Yo, I’m the man … of the house.
I blaze (I blaze) … sacks of haze.
I do (I do) … whatever I want.
So what (so what?) … hop on it and ride…
…Out to the ocean side.
Skinny dippin’ got a tan on.
My girl hangin’ out like a tampon.
Believing that we believing that we bulimic,
when we spittin’ raps. Wash your mouth,
gotta stay hygienic. You know that I’m scenic.
Whenever I wanna fuckin’ see it then I dream it then it just appears.
See, I gotta bloody knife, but I ain’t talking British.
Out in Helsinki so I’m Finished.

Chorus x 2

Verse 3: Bustin Fabulous
I stay equipped with the loud pack.
10-yard first down the forty ounces when I back bounce
Loud laughin. Burn an ounce like how'd that happen?
It's going down, Adam's Apple.
My thinking cap's on, YO,
Blue and Red gang wars. Blue and Red capsules.
Imma take half of both, Morpheus.
My purpose is to porpoise the pancakes proper.
Potty mouth and wasabi: hot shit.
Pourin' out a hot pot of coffee.
Caffeinated and I'm faded now I'm on beast mode.
There ain't no equal, just like we don't need bowls whenever we smoke.
Twist up and it's liftoff.
It ain't no thing cause I keep it on improv.
Going with the flow like I'm fallin' in a river.
Going with the flow cause I'm not good at swimmin'.

Chorus x 2

We got pancakes with syrup on 'em...
Pancakes with syrup on 'em.
Syrup on our pancakes...
Track Name: Anything Food Related
Verse 1: Humberto Bento
A is for your Attitude.
B is for your Busted Ass.
C is for my Castle, dude,
and D is what you suckin', spaz.
Lemon Meringue custer Jag flyin' down the city drag.
Gettin' brains while I blaze.
You could say I passed the class.
Speed and pass, laughing at yo busted ass.
Already said that, but I'll say it like I never have.
Listen to me when I say I'm doing it like every day.
Ask me what I'm shootin', stupid. Step back, fade away.
No blockin' cept yo when I double park.
Two asians in the whip. You could call it double Park.
On to sunny pastures. Yeah it's gettin' hotter.
They wet disasters, BP - Kevin Costner.
We the ShityBoyz! Try hittin' bongs,
blazing, fucking, crazy: triathalon.
Now we cool let's cruise till we snooze.
Drinkin' booze in the pool. Retarded blunts.
Now we fools.

Verse 2: Kavi
Smokin' lots of green. I'm high up. Sour smoke.
Make a lotta green bread like I rich, sour dough.
I see some foxy tail. Tally-ho! I tally hoes.
Watch her sliding down the pole as she slidin' down my pole.
Girl I got that crazy game. Have you callin' me baby names.
Ballin' but I don't play no games. Phone calls, yeah, I got them rings.
Monkey business, orangoutangs. Her and my dick go hand in hand.
Call my whip the orangoutang cause the Lambo's orange like Tang.
Nah, I ain't a pimp, but I walk with a cane,
and I ain't got a limp, but I walk with the cane.
Don't make me shoot the blackhawks like Jonathan Toews,
cause I'll fuckin' black out kinda like Blade,
Trinity, What's gotten into me? I'm into you.
What's gotten into you? My dick's gotten into you.
Now what we finna do?
In the mood, interludes in the nude.
She suckin, vampire interview.

Verse 3: Bustin Fabulous
Fuck this. Sick and tired of soft shit.
Cheesy get the Jarlsberg. We already off that. Call back.
Put us on like it's on wax.
Get it poppin with the program for a gold plaque, oh snap.
Photo snap, frame lookin' like a twig.
Ladies love me. I got game like a fuckin' legend.
Third base with my third leg in. Give her a leg up.
Girl, lemme pencil you in, you in?
I got you hot for the piping, uh.
You know the name, let's connect like a hyphen, uh.
And I'm just doing my thang
so tell me if you're feeling all the fluid I slang, meng.
Help fuel the flame
cuz these other motherfuckers smell like tuna fish cans, dang.
I said something smellin' fishy, I mean,
it ain't the ShityBoyz, but something smellin' shitty, I'm sayin',
We lampin', but got fire to light the way.
Brighter days, light the flame, fighter plane.
Bombs away.
Track Name: Cereal Crazy
Fereal crazy yo we crazy fereal.
Fereal crazy yo we crazy fereal.
Fereal crazy yo.
Fereal blazin yo we blazin fereal.
Fereal blazin yo we blazin fereal.
Fereal blazin yo.
Fereal crazy yo we crazy fereal.
Fereal crazy yo we crazy fereal.

Kavi's crazy!

Verse 1: Kavi
Chillin' out, fallin' asleep on the couch is what I'm about.
Eyes closed, floatin' through clouds wake up in a cloud.
Bus passin' a spliff so I get up and I blaze it.
Hit it a couple of times and go back to my slouch.
That's just my style.
I got 20/20 420 vision seeing green in a sea of green,
like I'm envious of me. All silliness aside yo we really gettin' high,
passin' spliffs and laughin' at shit.
That's how it gets, really.
That's how high I get, clearly.
This is mastermind type masterful rhymes.
Hand me a light and you'll see fire.
Pro blazer, so faded. Oasis, that's the desire.


Bento's Crazy!

Verse 2: Humberto Bento
I'm on my grown shit.
Never gave two shits, and if I did imma die floatin'.
Ghost ships in my rear view, feelin' so ethereal.
Fading out, faded in my house, but fereally tho,
yergirl really want it so I gave her crazy dick.
Willy Wonk'd the bitch till she Wilt like Chamberlain.
Then she clean it all up like a chambermaid.
Then I beat her all up in her chambers, meng.
Yeah, twistin' weed to the Nth degree.
That's math, don't need degrees the way I'm rappin' so Celsius.
Not tall, but fair in height.
2 12s in the trunk, call it Fahrenheit.


Yo, I'm crazy yo!

Verse 3: Bustin Fabulous
Yeah, the triple threat third strikin' it,
Turkey ballin'. You on the D, get your vitamins.
Hah, they call me young BD Wong.
Don't give ah so I make it look easy, huh?
The beat drop like an acid trip.
Manorexic so imma eat half of it.
I'm too pretty on my Cassius Clay.
It's all in the foot work, start practicing.
Yeah, runnin' shit like a marathon.
Smokin' on tarragon. I don't care what you call it.
Give me coffee and a cigarette,
Drugs where you don't have to deal with that middle man.
Filipino flipped weight like backflips on an alligator ridin' on the interstate.
Blow up. On point like a pin grenade.
Now you got the juice, Minute Maid.

Fereal crazy yo we crazy fereal.
Fereal crazy yo we crazy fereal.

We're so crazy yo!


Yo I'm crazy yo.
Track Name: Nom Nom

Verse 1: Humberto Bento
Call me your highness.
Got a lotta heart, nothing like triple-bypass.
Drive slow homie like a tightass.
Bendin' bitches over with the tightass.
My man Busta in the tight pants rollin' fly joints.
Kavi faded out on the green couch.
Been faded out on that greed couch.
Leanin' lower than a deep slouch.
Rollin' weed. Bagels N Lox, ain't talkin' bout Sheek Louch.
Nintendo dick, gettin' my D S'd.
She lovin' it, goin' to the drive-thru.
Summer in the trees, said summer in the trees.
Where we at? You know livin' Summer blowin' trees.
Drunk off the high seas, drinkin' from the ocean.
Pump fake the defense, scored like I'm Kobe.
Got beef? Mine's Kobe, don't you know me?
Bento in the buildannnnn...

On and on and on and on and on and on and on...
On and on and on and on and on and on and on...

Verse 2: Bustin Fabulous
We all ingrained in the same culture.
Dwyane Wade we're the flame thrower.
It ain't a thing how we blaze douja.
Make a face, call it Cordell.
Raw as hell when I Rahzel, boombox.
Live a long tale chillin' on a lawn chair.
Life's swell sippin on a Long Trail.
Dog days are over like MySpace.
Shine like the light on a firefly on the daily.
All pattern on the pavement.
Paisley, Polka Dot, caking, pastries, bakery.
Feel big ain't talkin' bout Creatine.
Freedom rings in my inner ear, I can't hear a thing.
Get rocked on my Tina Fey,
entertainment in my lane in between the paint.
Point 'em out all around, head shot 'em off the ground,
no doubt, hold it down till you know the deal...


Verse 3: Kavi
Go to sleep blazing, gettin' up stoned.
Kinda like a gargoyle sittin' up stoned.
Heather grey tee, 501 jeans, Nike SBs and a zipped down hoodie.
Chillin' bout to blaze got a zip of that oohwee.
The weed so hairy that it looks like Chewee.
Weed so sticky like it's chewy...it's a sticky situation.
If you get the picture paint it.
I hate biters. They see the style and straight jacket like mental patients,
and I don't have the patience,
but I should get the patent.
ShityBoyz. Ice Ages. You're the past tense.
The only time I take an L is when they're passin'.
That's it.

Track Name: ShityBoyz (Bonus track) [prod. by Lil Patusan]



Verse 1: Humberto Bento
ShityBoyz on till the end.
Talkin' to strangers. You ain't my friend.
Gotta pay for my time. Pay me overtime.
Watch my watch as I watch, Fathertime.
Green from the Matrix slows the time.
All purp everything, colorblind.
Blacked out bungalow in the jungle yo.
Little Red Riding Hood in the hood riding good.
Good ride. I would say you could fly with me,
rolling doobies up as high as we wanna be.
But I know you know how high I am.
Look up, I'm that flying man.
Eating punanas in the Bahamas.
Cold ice, white diamonds.
Feelin' kinda Baltic in the fuckin' Arctic.
Feelin' terrific in the Pacific.


Verse 2: Kavi
I'm so cold chillin' like Santa.
Roll up bamboo like a panda.
I'm an OG like my grandma,
making crazy bread, bananas.
I roll with big dogs, Cujo.
You roll with small dogs, Todo.
Missed my date with death I was a no-show.
I roll slow, by po-po.
Blazin' a fruit roll up of that dope smoke.
On to the next one. Who's next up?
Either gonna get fucked up or get fucked.
I'm like Blake Griffin with eight women.
They'll get D to face to Timofey.
Chicks on my peacock like Tina Fey.
Times-a-wastin'. Time to get wasted.
Time for blazin'. Time to get blazed-ed.


Verse 3: Bustin Fabulous
Fly like I'm on a Pterodactyl.
Always on point and I'm talking X-Acto.
The fact is not everybody's as sharp.
My axe is accented with sparks. Always hittin' the mark.
Shine shine like I'm in a beam.
Pro ballin' on little leagues.
Ice Age so we finna freeze.
Go all in pick a team.
Diggin' deep like how we in China or Italy?
Donut hole the whole world.
Hold my own until the ozone burn.
Yeuh, until my world don't turn,
but I stay chillin' like I froze on purpose.


We in China or Italy?